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The Mission of Balanced Healing, LLC. is to provide high-quality evidence-based counseling services to empower and improve the lives of children, adults, and families.

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The Vision of Balanced Healing, LLC. is to provide high-quality evidence-based counseling that fosters balanced healing and growth so all clients can live the life they want.

We Value

Personalized Attention: Our passion and commitment are to the well-being of our clients. We strive to create a safe confidential atmosphere where client voices are valued and heard. Mindful of a holistic perspective, we are committed to providing personalized attention to clients characterized by kindness, respect, and a genuine desire to be helpful. 

Diversity and Supporting Clients of all identities including, but not limited to: gender, race, culture, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, mental and physical ability, national origin, spirituality, size, religion, socio-economic status, political perspective, citizenship, and world view.

Empathy: We recognize the immense courage it takes to attend counseling sessions and we strive to provide the highest level of therapeutic support and care in order to understand the situation, feelings, and emotions of our clients. 


"I was going through a really tough time.

I was desperate and did not believe in counseling until I met Dr. Harris,

his services changed my life for the better." -Client

Dr. Jeffrey Harris is a dynamic and highly effective Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 15 years of diverse experience serving youth and families as a counselor in the education sector.  A strong believer in maintaining a purposeful, balanced, and holistic lifestyle, Dr. Harris is also a Certified Personal trainer with a commitment to supporting his clients in the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. With a personable and compassionate personality, Dr. Harris became one of the first Black contestants to appear on the hit TV show, The Bachelorette.   

Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Miami, Florida, Dr. Harris earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at The University of Central Florida. While attending UCF, he became an esteemed member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and devoted time to serving the community. Dr. Harris obtained his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Barry University. Passionate about education, Dr. Harris was awarded his Ph.D. in Professional Studies in Education from Capella University. Relentlessly focused on pursuing research that would positively influence support systems, tools, and resources geared toward helping disadvantaged youth overcome challenges and increase successful outcomes, his extensive doctoral research culminated in a pioneering and impactful dissertation titled Gender-Based Risk Differences for Black Adolescent Students who Experienced Parental Divorce. 


Health and fitness continue to play a pivotal role in his life. Given the tremendous value and life-enhancing returns Dr. Harris has garnered from these central facets of his life, he wants his clients to share many of the same successes he has enjoyed. This explains why he has a keen interest in researching, analyzing, and developing evidence-based yet practical concepts and tools to help his clients understand the undeniably powerful link between physical well-being and mental health.   


Dr. Harris founded Balanced Healing, LLC., with the compelling mission of treating each of his clients like family. He creates personalized treatment plans to help walk each individual client step-by-step through the arduous yet gratifying journey of healing from a wide range of mental, social-emotional, and/or physical health issues.  His primary focus is providing each of his clients the strength, support, and resources necessary to address whatever adverse life experiences stand in the way of living the life and achieving the success they imagined. 

Dr. Harris understands how very difficult it is and how lonely it can feel to face both internal and external life setbacks and personal tragedies.  He knows firsthand what is it like to face imposing and seemingly impossible struggles.  Dr. Harris loves a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which captures the critical importance of having the courage to start when faced with incredibly difficult and emotionally-charged challenges: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. You just have to take the first step.”  It is time for YOU to heal and to live the highest quality life YOU have always deserved. Take the first step with Dr. Harris, and he will work with you on building the staircase—one step at a time—which ultimately leads you to living the life of your greatest dreams! 

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